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Contact us for consultation on the introduction and development of industrial drones

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AirTruck: Dedicated Logistics Drone

AirTruck logo
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Japan’s first mass-produced, dedicated logistics drone to solve the logistics industry’s manpower shortage and provide last-mile delivery

  • For serving those who have difficulty in shopping for groceries and other daily necessities in areas with declining birthrates and an aging/declining population.
  • For addressing the shortage delivery workers in the logistics industry.
  • To leverage digital technologies for last-mile deliveries

AirTruck, a specialized logistics drone jointly developed by ACSL and Aeronext, can address these needs.


4D GRAVITY®︎ center-of-gravity control technology for stable flight with reduced payload jostling

AirTruck: Dedicated Logistics Drone
AirTruck: Dedicated Logistics Drone

Aerodynamic optimization through aerodynamic simulation and wind tunnel testing to achieve high flight performance

Video and telemetry transmission using LTE communications enables beyond-visual-line-of-sight (level-3) operations and control

AirTruck: Dedicated Logistics Drone

AirTruck achieves flight performance that is more than sufficient for real world logistics operations and expands the payload to 5 kg compared to the 3 kg of a traditional platform drone (ACSL PF2)

UX designed for intuitive and easy operations, including a method to easily load the payload from the top of the drone

AirTruck: Dedicated Logistics Drone


Item Detail
Overall lengthUnfolded:
1.7m × 1.5m
1.0m x 1.5m
Takeoff weight25kg
Payload 5㎏
Maximum flight speed10m/s
Maximum flight timeApprox. 50 minutes (3.5 kg payload,
4 x 22,000 mAh batteries)
Approx. 35 minutes (5.0 kg payload,
4 x 17,000 mAh batteries)
Maximum flight distance20㎞
Maximum ascent/descent speedAscending: 3m/s, Descending: 2.5m/s
Hovering accuracyHorizontal: ±2.0m/s, Vertical : ±1.5m/s
Maximum communication distanceNo limitation within LTE signal coverage

*Specifications are current as of March 2022 and are subject to change.

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